Wednesday, December 2.

Big day today, back to the archives with our homework and then on the road to Rotterdam. 

Arrived at the library to find that the archivist had been doing some homework also. She had solved quite a few of our queries as well. With our discoveries we reckon it is about time to wrap up our stay her and head south.

The staff here have been amazing. The professional way records are kept in Denmark has made our research much easier. Every church keeps records of births, baptisms, weddings, deaths and who has left or come into the parish. They keep duplicate copies, one in the church and the other in the local library, just in case the church burns down. 

With this is also the census every five years. This has proved invaluable. The census was not completed from 1860 until 1921, when under German rule.

All done we sadly said farewell to the staff and the town of TONDOR. It is an amazingly pretty place and we will be coming back in the future.  

A few shots to remind us of the town of TONDOR.

 Climbed aboard Myrtle and pointed her south. We were going to cover a few kms, as the weather is quite warm, so no chance of snow or ice.

At 9.00pm we stopped to camp for the night about 100kms from Amsterdam. 

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