Saturday, October 10.

Finally left Warsaw after having a great time there. Walking tours were very informative, and even though 85% of the city was rebuilt after the war, the buildings and the history is amazing.

Heading now towards Lithunania, part of the old USSR. As before we arrived in Warsaw, we are again travelling through forests. Hard to imagine there is supposedly greenhouse warming when there are so many trees.  

 Change, we came into an area where there is a high concentration of agriculture. Lucerne, corn and wheat, as well as mile after mile of potatoes. What is behind this, forests.  

 As we move further north, we notice that the trees are starting to loose their leaves. That means it is getting cold. Electronic signs along the road say that the road surface is 17.5, and the air temperature is 7.00. These signs tell you when the road freezes and black ice forms. 

Crossed the border into Lithuania, which created some confusion for Tom Tom and us,😳😳there were road works everywhere and diversions kilometres away from the main roads. We did want to see the country though. 

Finally sorted we motored on until we arrived at Grutus, where we decided to Aire camp beside the lake  




 as we we visiting the Communist Statue Park here in the morning. Early dinner in Myrtle and into bed. It was only 7.40pm, but it was cold and books to read.😉😉

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