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DAY 1.

Saturday, September 19.

Slow day today. Go up and register as it was dark when we arrived, Tolstoy find a spot and see them in the morning.

What a magnificent setting in the mountains with two lakes below us. Found out this morning that it is No 1 camp ground in Europe!😜😜 amenities are amazing, even has family showers for two or more.

The amenities block is two stories, with toilets, laundry etc downstairs and showers upstairs. All heated, as the snowfields are within spitting distance. In display cases is the largest collection of toy motor homes, caravans ect in the world. Even reception has a number if display cases. Outside the showers is a huge window 2 metres high and 15 metres long which frames the mountains at the back of the camp. 

Caught up on some paperwork and blog for the day and wandered across the pontoon bridge on one of the lakes for dinner. 

Two happy campers.

DAY 2.

Sunday, September 20.

Caught the bus, which was free, into Innsbruck to the train station and jumped on the hop on/hop off bus. Jumped off at Bergisel, where the Olympic ski jump is located. Driver said they were practicing. 

Arrived at the jump just in time to see the last jumper before they took a break. They can have that on their own. He cleared 120 metres. When we went up in the lift to the top it was even more awesome. He jump and landing area, loosely phrased, are synthetic, similar to a hockey field, and watered before each jump. In the winter they cover the landing area with 30cms of snow.

Three Olympic cauldrons here for 1964, 1976 and the 2012 Youth Olympics. 

Back on the bus we had a quick look at Schloss Ambrose and off to Congress, where we hopped on the Hungerburg cable tram which took us to 860 metres where we boarded the first of two cable cars which took us to 1,905 metres and 2,258 metres respectively. We then walked another 210 metres to 2,468 metres and gazed over the city of Innsbruck in one direction, and mountain after mountain in the other. What amazing views, and it was as clear as a bell. 

Had lunch in the restaurant at the top and watched the clouds roll in and out. It was wiry to watch clouds rise up the slopes on the hot air. Like a waterfall in reverse. Went to pay with the card and their machine would not work. No problems they said, just pay at our other restaurant at the bottom. Don’t think this would happen in Aus!

Back down the mountain in reverse through the space age cable train stations to the bus. On the bus back to main station where we find that our bus has finished for the night. A driver said to hop on his and he would show us where to catch another one which would take us to the camp ground. He dropped us at a village in the middle of no where and said our bus would be along in twenty minutes. Sure enough it appeared out of the dark on cue and deposited us at the front gate to the camp. On the way back on the bus we saw out first wild deer in nine months of travelling.

Down to the restaurant for dinner and rehydration before bed, after a very long but enjoyable day.

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