DAY 1.

Friday, September 3.

The reason we had come to Milan was to go to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Friday saw Dom and Denise off to spend the day with some of his relations, Su needed a quiet day to catch up on her diary, which was three weeks behind, so that left Brian, Nicholas and myself to head to Monza for the day.

Walk to the station, 2kms, catch train to bus, bus to drop off point at Monza, 5km walk to track entrance. Need to work this out before tomorrow. 

On the way to the entrance we passed under the old oval circuit. Those guys were brave. The corners had 47 degree banking. 

Into the circuit and find a seat. One of the advantages of hazing a three day pass here is that on Friday you can go and sit anywhere in any grandstand. Headed for pit straight. 

Moved around the circuit for different views of the track and to see more of the old circuit. 

Lots of walking. Having had to walk so far this morning we looked at easier ways to get here. One was to catch the train to the other side of the circuit and then it was only a one k walk to where we would sit. Try as we could to get to the entrance marked on the map, we kept on hitting dead ends. Eventually we found the gate but it was securely locked. After a three k walk down one side of a huge wall and then three k back, we arrived at the gate we needed and the train was two hundred yards away. On the train and back to town for a feed and rehydration. On the way back I happened to mention that we had probably walked about 12kms. Nicholas looked at his pedometer and said, Actually it is 21.8kms!😳😳 No wonder I was knackered.

Showers and off to restaurant for delicious pizzas and bed.


Saturday September  4.

Up and everyone off to Monza. Down to train and jumped off at stop we had worked out last night. Found seats where I had worked out yesterday and settled in. We had packed lunches so looking for refreshments at exorbitant prices was avoided. 

 A great day with the biased Italians. Walk to train, ride back, shower, dinner and bed.


Sunday , September  5.

Off again, walk to train. There was a floor in our planning. Train we caught yesterday stops at Monza and does not go to the track. Bugger, bus and walk again. Oh well, needed the exercise. Walked to where we were seated yesterday, and luckily there were still seats there. There is a god.πŸ™ Settled in for the day. More biased Italians, but good fun. Support races were great but main race became a procession, especially after Ricardo dropped out.

It was however about being there at one of the legendary race circuits in the world. Following the race, we were able to walk the circuit, old and new.

What a great experience. On the way out we met this guy with a horn hat. 

All exhausted we boarded the train back to Milan, showered, dinner and bed.πŸšΏπŸšΏπŸšΏπŸšΏπŸšΏπŸšΏπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸ•πŸ—πŸ•πŸ—

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