Sunday, August, 16.

Photos to follow

Quiet morning, and then head towards Reims to meet up with our Aussie friends, Dom and Denise D’Augello. Traffic was heavy, due to much roadworks and rain which had been falling for the last two days. At one stage it took us over an hour to travel less than 10kms. Just a reminder that there is no speed limit on Autobahns!!! It is the first wet weather since we left the UK six weeks ago. The weather has been in the mid to high 30’s for most of the time.  

Decided to stop at Verdun, about 140kms from Reims as it was getting late, and dark, and Verdun was one of the western front battlefields that we wanted to visit. It was 9.30pm when we pulled up and people were still in the pool. It was only 21 and raining.

After a cuppa we hit the hay as we had travelled 600+ kms today and all three of us were tired, including Myrtle.

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