Friday, August 14

Photos to follow

Into town early as we has booked a tour online but unfortunately it was booked out. Went to the tourist information centre and booked for tomorrow.  

Walked down the mall to the city hall to watch and listen to the glockenspiel, which is linked to the clock on the tower. We were not disappointed, it was amazing. 

We then hopped on the on/off bus for a tour of the sites. This has to have been the worst on/off bus we have experienced. First it was run by Mrs Hitler, and secondly it did not stop where you needed it, and thirdly, you will enjoy it!!!

There were so many beautiful buildings, but any that were linked to Hitler were not talked about. Unfortunate that it was, he and they were part of their history. 

A little rehydration and then back to Mytrle as tomorrow was an early start.

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