Tuesday, July 21   

Off in bus to Venice to catch the ferry to Burano, one of the islands in the Venice group. Trip would take us around an hour, travelling through canals, across major waterways until we arrived at Burano.  










On the way we passed the Cemetery, which is an island in itself. This is the second one as the original one must have filled up.

Why Burano you might ask, it is the island of lace and is where the lace museum is located. Also some very quaintly painted houses and their own version of the leaning tower of Pisa. It too is a bell tower and has an unbelievable lean to it. 

The canals here are much narrower and fewer, but equally as enchanting as Venice. Spent the morning wandering around, then lunch by the canal and then to the museum. The whole island is like one big market with stalls crammed in everywhere. 

 Following lunch we headed for the lace museum to look at the history of lace on the island. All very interesting, the island having their own style called Burano net. Lace making has been in existence on the island from the twelfth century, and some examples from that period still exist. Yes we were kicked out of this museum at closing time too. 

Spent the rest of the time wandering, buying lace and some presents, as birthdays are still happening at home.  























  Caught ferry at 7.00 pm back to Venice witnessing another magnificent sunset on the way back. Landed back at Venice and looked around St Marks square for a while and then ferried and bused back to Myrtle exhausted again.

Wednesday, July, 22.

Spent the day relaxing by the pool and catching up on reading and paperwork. It is very hard to keep doing everyday, so lay days are allowed, and we are still in Venice. 

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