Monday – July 6

Into town early as we were going to Anne Frank’s house. Arrived there at 8.15, only to see that 606 other people had the same idea. Doors did not open until 9.00. Three hour wait in the queue.  

 When we were finally in it was worth the wait. How eight people can live in such a small space for two years is mind boggling, and not all on the same level, but split over three floors. The amazing part was that no one knew they were there except for those she were supplying food. Unfortunately they were dobbed into the Germans and we’re all taken to various extermination camps. Otto, the dad was the only one to survive and it is through his efforts and the lady who kept Anne’s diaries that the diary was eventually published in 1967. Sadly Anne and her sister lost their lives one month before the Armistice.

 After two and a half hours in the house, we jumped on a team for the Holocaust Museum. This was the collection point for Jews who were arrested or do bed in. Formerly a theatre. People were given 7.5 guineas for dobbing in a Jew. Not much for a life. View a documentary and then looked at the rememberance wall of those who did not return.  

Feeling weary after a long day we headed back to Waterloo to catch the train. Walking through the the council and arts complex we came upon this interesting sculpture. 

One thought on “AMSTERDAM -DAY 6

  1. I’ll never forget reading Anne Frank’s diary as a child. Such a very sad part of our history. At least this brave family will never be forgotten.


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