Tuesday, June 30.

Left Nettleton and headed south to Harwich to catch the overnight ferry to Hook of Holland, on the Dutch coast near Rotterdam. Ferry left at midnight.

Wednesday July, 1.

Docked at 9.00am, and found a caprpark near the ferry and had breakfast. Too many people on the ferry to worry about it. Having finished breakfast Su said she was tired so put her head down. Four hours later, and we headed for a camping ground in Amsterdam, at the end of a metro line, which would make travel in and out of the city easier.  Checked in and organised three day I Amsterdam pass. This allowed us to use trains, buses, and trams as well as free entry to many museums ect.

Thursday July 2.

Headed of to catch the Metro train into Amsterdam Centralle. About a fifteen minute trip. Emerged from underground into bright sunshine. Did I say it was shorts a tee shirt weather, around 30. Caught the hop on/ hop off bus for a tour of the city and get ourselves orientated. After a couple of hours on the bus we jumped off in the main square outside the Royal Palace for a wander. There was the world beach volleyball championships being run in the square. One of the Aust women’s teams were into the semi finals.

We headed of for a walk around the inner city, along canals, over bridges and down narrow alleys. Late lunch, five thirty, and then continued our walk. Around eight we found ourselves in the red light district. Interesting, the entertainment on the street was better than in the windows. I don’t think this place sleeps. Contrary we do, so after thirteen hours walking and looking we were weary. Caught tram back to metro, and headed for Myrtle. Wouldn’t you know it, the bar was open when we arrived back, so had to rehydrate. Still daylight at ten at night. Hydrated, off to bed at eleven.

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