31st May  
Drove out to Ramsey for a look around. Lovely old buildings and the birth place of the first iron ship ever built, the Star of India.


Photos of the circuit after coming down Salby straight.


Old stone bridge and swivel bridge in the port.


Coast Guard statue call When I Grow Up!


These guy have been at it a while.


Shots hand videos from the classic circuit. Lots of layers on.


Walking to fence on which we sat to watch TT. Note ladders put there by the farmer to enable spectators to sit on top of fence. Three metres high on paddock side.


Fence on track side is only three feet high. Not allowed to hang feet over the side. You will see why in the videos following. Speeds are around 250 kph. 

           Cross stitch in Salby pub.


Beer taps in Salby pub.



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