Monday, July 1.

Collected Linda, noise level rose immediately.

Spot of breakfast.

Back to Bess and off to Cambridge. Dropped into Aldi for supplies and spotted this cute little machine. Called a Figaro.

Off to campground on edge of town, and then bus into Cambridge to look around.

Great clock.

Underneath the arches…….

Touch of roman.

Interesting decor on doorway, sign too.

Lots of old and narrow streets.

Wouldn’t you know it, a red back spyder.

Inside Christs College. Charles Darwin attended here.

Front gate of Christ’s College.

They love stonework.

Shot of the river Cam,and some of the punts.

Edwardian here too. The bridge house.

One of only three round churches in the UK. Being the oldest, built by the knights returning from the Crusades.

The Wesley Methodist Church.

The Roman Catholic Church.

The open university, set up by former PM, Harold Wilson.

Cute pub, the Flying Pig.

Golden eagle on the flagpole at the US War Cemetry.

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